Cardano Confederation Code of Ethics


The Cardano Confederation is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and conduct in all its operations and activities. This code of ethics provides guidelines to ensure integrity, transparency, and accountability within the Confederation community and each of its circles. This Code of Ethics is applicable to physical subjects such as ambassadors or DRep, or any position they hold within our organization or within the CARDANO ecosystem, as well as to organizations, projects, companies, foundations or any other type of organization that participates in our Confederation.

Fundamental Principles

  1. Integrity
    • Act with honesty and integrity in all interactions and decisions.
    • Comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the Confederation's internal policies.
  2. Transparency
    • Promote openness and clarity in decision-making and in the communication of relevant information.
    • Make all key reports and documents accessible and comprehensible to the community.
  3. Social and Environmental Responsibility
    • Act responsibly towards the environment and contribute to sustainable development.
    • Consider the social impact of our actions and always seek the benefit of the global community.
  4. Equality and Non-Discrimination
    • Foster equal opportunities and inclusion, avoiding any form of discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.
    • Promote an environment of mutual respect and diversity.
  5. Confidentiality and Privacy
    • Protect sensitive and personal information of all members and participants of the Confederation.
    • Respect data privacy and use information only for permitted purposes.
  6. Conflicts of Interest
    • Identify and avoid situations where personal interests may conflict with the interests of the Confederation.
    • Make decisions based on the well-being of the community and not for personal gain.
  7. Anti-Corruption
    • Reject and report any form of corruption, bribery, or fraudulent conduct.
    • Promote fair and legal business practices in all our activities.
    • Any subject, and/or organization of the Cardano Confederation, which is found to be assisting in financial, commercial, and cultural activities, and/or assisting in the activities of terrorist organizations, shall be removed from the Cardano Confederation.

Major Ethical Violations

  1. Quid Pro Quo
    • Prohibit any practice where favors, goods, or services are exchanged for other benefits that are not ethically justified.
    • Ensure that all transactions and decisions are conducted fairly and transparently, without improper exchanges.
  2. Influence Peddling
    • Avoid any attempt to influence official decisions through the improper use of position, power, or personal contacts.
    • Ensure that all decisions are based on merit and benefit the community, not external influences.
  3. Manipulation and Deception on Social Media
    • Prohibit the dissemination of false or misleading information on social media to manipulate public perception or benefit certain individuals or groups to the detriment of others.
    • Promote honest and accurate communication, ensuring that shared information is truthful and accurately represents the facts.
    • Avoid purchasing fake followers on social media, as this practice creates a distorted image of popularity and trust. Authenticity and transparency are essential to building a genuine and trustworthy community.
  4. Unethical Practices in Media
    • Avoid the creation or promotion of media that, under the guise of impartiality, prioritize certain projects or private interests to generate profits for their owners.
    • Foster equal opportunities in media coverage for all projects and actors within the Cardano community, ensuring fair and equitable treatment.
  5. Recognition of Others' Work and Ideas
    • Respect the achievements and work of others, avoiding using their work as your own without permission.
    • Encourage collaboration and the ethical improvement of existing ideas, giving credit to the original authors and ensuring that any use of their work is conducted with proper authorization and recognition.
  6. Responsible Leadership
    • Leaders elected by the community should serve the people and community they represent, rather than expecting the community to serve them.
    • Anyone in a leadership position should serve those at lower levels, promoting an environment of mutual support and cooperation.
    • Eliminate unnecessary intermediation: Leaders should facilitate direct access of the community to institutional representatives and not interpose for control or personal gain.
  7. Ponzi Communities and Manipulation in Catalyst
    • Reject and denounce the formation of "ponzi communities," where leaders manipulate members to join the community to benefit financially at the expense of others.
    • Prohibit practices where people are manipulated into joining a community under false promises of assistance in accessing Catalyst funds, charging commissions, or requiring them to submit their projects under the community's name for personal gain.
  8. Organization of Public Meetings
    • Ensure that all meetings with representatives from the Cardano Foundation, IOG, or other relevant entities are organized in public places accessible to all community members.
    • Avoid organizing meetings in private venues that give undue advantages to certain individuals or groups, ensuring equal opportunities and a transparent environment for all participants.

Ethics in Communities

  1. True Communities
    • True communities work for the common good of all their members, promoting equal participation and joint decision-making.
    • A genuine community should have a plurality of decision-makers, diverse voices, microphone and speaker rotation, and an inclusive voting system that reflects the will of a broad representation of its members.
    • Resources should be managed transparently and by a representative group of the community, not by a small group of individuals.
  2. False Communities
    • Reject and denounce the creation of "false communities" that operate as cults or groups controlled by a few for their benefit.
    • These false communities often present a pyramid scheme where members work primarily to benefit the leaders who control resources and decisions at the expense of the rest of the members.
  3. Using Communities for Non-Communal Purposes
    • Denounce practices where communities are used for non-communal purposes, disproportionately benefiting their leaders rather than the collective.
    • Promote governance structures where control and benefits are equitably distributed among all members.

Specific Guidelines for the Blockchain World

  1. Security and Credential Management
    • Ensure the protection and proper handling of credentials and private keys.
    • Implement robust measures to prevent unauthorized access and protect digital assets.
  2. Decentralization and Governance
    • Encourage active participation of all community members in governance processes.
    • Maintain a balance between ecosystem security and the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.
  3. Innovation and Adaptability
    • Promote innovation and the adoption of new technologies that benefit the community.
    • Continuously adapt our practices and policies to respond to emerging challenges.
  4. Transparency in Blockchain Operations
    • Document and make public all relevant transactions and operations on the blockchain.
    • Ensure that important decisions are consulted and approved by the community.

Ethical Use of Community Funds

Recognize that Project Catalyst is the world's largest decentralized innovation engine, designed to solve real-world challenges and drive the expansion of the Cardano ecosystem. As the treasury fund of the Cardano blockchain, it must be used to support and promote the governance, evolution, success, and dissemination of Cardano. The approach to Project Catalyst should be: "What can I contribute to Cardano?" Applicants should formulate their proposals with the intention of significantly contributing to the Cardano ecosystem, requesting only the necessary funds to drive projects that offer tangible and lasting value to the community. It is essential to discourage the perception that Catalyst is a source of easy money. All projects must align with Cardano's objectives and be designed to strengthen and develop the ecosystem. Project Catalyst is not a private investment fund for financing projects that do not have a direct and meaningful relationship with Cardano's growth and success.

Implementation and Compliance

  1. Education and Training
    • Provide continuous education and training resources for all members on ethical practices and regulations.
    • Foster understanding and commitment to the principles established in this code.
  2. Reporting Mechanisms
    • Establish secure and confidential channels for members to report inappropriate conduct or violations of the code of ethics.
    • Protect whistleblowers from retaliation and ensure a fair and transparent investigation.
  3. Review and Update
    • Periodically review the code of ethics to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.
    • Involve the community in the process of reviewing and updating the code.
  4. Responsibility and Accountability
    • The exercise of any function within the community will be carried out as effectively and efficiently as possible, to achieve the achievements and objectives that the community has in its roadmap.
    • Promote that the decision-making exercises are based on criteria and objectives, explicit and reviewable.
    • Management actions will be accountable and will always seek to implement tools to ensure the proper use and traceability of resources.
    • Accountability for management actions will be ensured, and tools will always be sought to guarantee the proper use and traceability of resources.


Commitment to these ethical principles is fundamental to the success and integrity of the Cardano Confederation. By adhering to this code, all members contribute to building a fair, transparent, and responsible community.

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"One of the missions of the Cardano Confederation is to serve as a compass to ensure that Cardano's governance does not lose its way, as has happened with traditional political communities. To this end, it clearly defines the ethical principles that should guide a governance system. Any individual and/or organization wishing to join the Cardano Confederation must adhere to these ethical principles."